Whether you are promoting an event or providing your employees with branded items, eye-catching apparel is an effective way to bring new exposure to your identity. If it's a basic T-shirt or a high-end Nike® polo, we will help you find the exact style you seek from our volumes of trendy, quality apparel. Then, let us decorate that special piece with our advanced apparel designs, high quality embroidery and applique, laser etching and cutting, multi-color screen printing, or one of our other extensive and unique treatments. In addition to our outstanding quality, Spectrum has the unique ability to be flexible and accommodate special requests and deadlines.


We are very passionate about quality at Spectrum. We have many procedures in place that help ensure quality product leaves our facility every time.

Creative Services

Before a design is released to production, it needs to go through our copy editor to ensure accuracy and a signed approval from the customer is required.


We have a full receiving area where all goods are delivered. Each item is opened, unwrapped, inspected and counted. It is then checked in using our MIS software that networks the entire company. Customer service, sales and production can see in real time when the goods have been received. The order will be held until all pieces are received and then the boxes will be labeled and placed in a staging area awaiting production.


Prior to production, the garments are counted again and staged for printing or embroidery. The operator will then do a sample print/sew out of the artwork and bring it to a supervisor for approval. The artist that created the artwork typically signs off on the first print as well.


Upon completion of the printing/embroidery, the garments are inspected for defects, counted and boxed with a packing slip stating the contents of the package. A Spectrum “cut-sheet” is also placed inside the box to ensure that a blade cannot cut into the goods when it is opened again.

Shipping & Order Completion

Once shipped, a notice is sent to the support staff and the job is cleared from our production system. Should a defect or back order occur, the customer will be notified immediately and the decision will be theirs as to proceed with a short order, revise the style or wait for the goods to arrive.

Spectrum adopted an interesting strategy for production when we began our journey with apparel. Instead of having only certain individuals run each piece of equipment, we decided to make every employee a lethal weapon on every machine. Every one of our stellar production individuals is cross-trained to run equipment in and out of their designated department. That means we can flex when certain areas of our business flex, therefore giving us unlimited capacity. We have also been known to stagger shifts and work over weekends to make sure our product is delivered on time, every time. Scheduling meetings and disbursement of department schedules are a daily occurrence to ensure proper time management.

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