Online tools are a growing trend and we are here to take you into the wide world of e-commerce and fulfillment. Spectrum can design and implement a complete product distribution network with online ordering and inventory management. Paired with our quality products and custom printed marketing catalogs and materials, our fulfillment services will enhance all of your marketing efforts.

Planning and Creativity

Planning an online project takes focus and creativity because it is the launching point of your business strategies moving into the future. We know how stressful finding a web services partner can be, so we are here to make the process easy and successful. We get to know you and your goals and together, we can choose the best solutions for your company.


We offer complete creative services including corporate identity, website design, creative marketing materials, and everything in between. Our design department boasts the most current design software as well as state-of-the-art equipment. Our outstanding team of experienced designers can provide direction and build your project from the ground up leaving you with a finished look that is both professional and stunning.


After the creative design of your website or e-store has been established, development begins. We are experts in efficiency and functionality making sure that your site is both user friendly and powerful. We are trained in the latest web development technology and tools making it easy for you to reap the benefits of your online business.

Marketing and Promotion

Your shiny new site is complete and ready for the world to see it. This is where our endless possibilities come into play. We can help drive traffic to your site by creating effective marketing materials, generating custom email campaigns and even managing your search engine optimization.

Project Timeline:

Week 1

Review questionnaire with client. Review overall website functionality, time line and complexity of project. Spectrum presents proposal and pricing options. Proposal approved and signed. Promotion is discussed with client.

Week 2

Internal meeting to discuss and plan project development. Design and development concepts begin.

Week 3

Design concepts are complete and submitted to customer by weeks end. Design adjustments are completed and customer approval is received. Development begins.

Week 4

Development continues. Site is continually tested internally.

Week 5

Development and internal testing are completed. Site link is sent to customer and it is reviewed live on our server. Client makes adjustments and approves site.

Week 6

Testing is completed again if major changes were made during development approval. Promotion is approved and released. Site goes live!

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Every client and every site are unique. The above time line's purpose is to give a general idea of how an e-store or website can be scheduled, but it is by no means set in stone. We will work with our clients to make sure they are getting the product they would like in a time frame that works for their needs. Let's talk about additional services! We can also offer SEO Monitoring, Marketing Emails, Social Media Integration and more!

There's no shortcut

for greatness!

-Yasin japardi